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Free the muse, share lyrics.

lyric hive
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Free the muse, share lyrics.

I want to create a place where people can share lyrics they love, and express to others why they mean so much to them. I encourage people to post images that capture the mood and/or content of the lyrics that they post, and to discuss how they have interpreted these lyrics. Any little personal stories that you would like to include with your lyrics are very welcome as well.

This is my first community, so bear with me while I get used to things.

Some guidelines (and some chips):

- Include the title of the song whose lyrics you are posting, and the name of it's author in your post.

- Please be respectful of other member's thoughts and feelings. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and should be allowed to express themselves comfortably here. I encourage members to support each other, to discuss or comment on interpretations, but this is not a debate forum, so... play nice. :)

turtles: stay in school.

- Try to keep posts reasonably clean. I don't mind language or adult content, but let's keep it "R" rated at worst.

- Keep image-posts sized within reason. If you wish to post a very large image with your lyrics, please post a hyperlink to the image, or "lj-cut" to it instead.

- Feel free to post full lyrics on your main post, but I would prefer for members to "lj-cut" to any pics, stories interpretations/responses, etc.